What is a Dedicated Distant Assistant (DDA), and how is it different from a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

A Dedicated Distant Assistant is a personal assistant who works remotely in tandem with you and/or your appointed team members.

Unlike most Virtual Assistant setups where one VA works with multiple clients, a DDA focuses on you and your business' administrative jobs, allowing you to focus the jobs important to you.

How do I know if I am ready to hire a Dedicated Distant Assistant?

If you find yourself constantly working late or on the weekend, missing deadlines or late for meetings, doing work that drains your energy rather than work you like doing, are all great indicators you would benefit from a DDA.

There are essential jobs you might not have the passion to do, like administrative or accounting tasks. Hiring a Dedicated Distant Assistant alleviates the work, letting you focus on the things you love about the business, or pushing your business to the next level.

Can my Dedicated Distant Assistant speak English well?

Most of the Dedicated Distant Assistants in at Bottleneck hail from the Philippines, where English is a second language. Almost all schools and universities are taught in English, particularly on higher education.

Applicants go through a three-tiered vetting process which includes a language comprehension test, to make sure their verbal and written communication, as well as their comprehension meets our exceptional standards.

What do your Dedicated Distant Assistants specialize in?

Our Dedicated Distant Assistants specialize in executive assistance. We also offer Website Management, Graphics Design, and Audio / Video Editing expertise through our Integrated Services Program, so you won't have to look for different vendors for those services.

For more information, please refer to our [link] Integrated Services Program [/link] page.

What if my Dedicated Distant Assistant doesn't work out?

If your Dedicated Distant Assistant does not meet your expectations or the current setup is not working out for you, please contact us so our Recruitment Manager and On-boarding Specialist can work together to find a better fit based on your needs.

What if my Dedicated Distant Assistant doesn't show up for their shift?

We are here to serve and support you. If your Dedicated Distant Assistant does not show up for work, reach out to your business development representative right away. You can also send an email to info@bottleneck.online.

Can my DDA answer my phone calls?

Yes, they can. We advise you to provide them with a script on what they can talk about with your clients, and also encourage you make sure that your personal assistant understands your company's mission and vision. This enables your Dedicated Distant Assistant to answer your calls with the same tone, professionalism, and voice as you would.

How much experience does my DDA have?

Most of our Dedicated Distant Assistants have experience working as an executive or personal assistant in the past, and all of them have a least a college degree or equivalent training.

What is the difference between an executive assistant and a personal assistant?

Executive assistance can cover multiple Managers or team members, as well as oversee and provide direction to others as a Project Manager. A Personal Assistant will report to only one person, but can also handle project management on a smaller scale.

Both have access to our Integrated Services Program (ISP), so you are free to choose which one fits your current business model.

What type of industries do your Dedicated Distant Assistants specialize in?

We focus on general administration for General Business, Medical, and Real Estate; from executive to personal assistants and other specific services such as workflows and contract paperwork for real estate, or medical scribing and insurance coverage verification for the medical industry.

Since my Dedicated Distant Assistant is working remotely, how do I know they won't steal my information?

We understand that most people are hesitant to share sensitive information to someone they do not know. We make our applicants pass rigorous screening and reference checks before we pair them with our clients. Our contracts include a Confidentiality Agreement to protect you and your business.

We recommend taking it step-by-step in building trust between yourself and your personal assistant. Start off with some general high priority tasks and only give access they require. Once you've established a good working relationship, you can opt to give them more responsibility requires more access. You maintain total control over your own security protocols and our DDAs adapt to your business systems and processes.

Your DDA can also utilize tools such as VPNs and Password Managers like LastPass.com, in order to beef up information security from external threats.

What if I don't have time to train, I just want to hire someone that is already trained?

If you don't have time to train somebody yourself, we recommend having someone in your team train the Dedicated Distant Assistant. This ensures the personal assistant understands your thinking and work process. It is very important that your new assistant learns the specific workflow and pace they need to be working to maintain your brand integrity.

As with any new hiring, there will be a learning curve at first. The more time you spend with your DDA, the quicker they can adapt to your direction and expectations.

If you do not have a fixed process or workflow for your business right now, a Dedicated Distant Assistant can help you nail down the steps and processes involved in your business and document it for you. Remember, your DDA’s success and learning curve is based upon the time invested and information shared during training.

Will I be able to interview the candidate you choose for me?

Yes. After our internal interviews and screening, we will introduce them to you during the introductory call. You can interview and give them a short task, to make sure they can perform the task to your standards. 

If you do not feel the person is the right fit, or think they are not performing up to your standards, we will line up another candidate for you.  

What if I like my DDA so much that I want to bring them on directly?

The nice thing about working with Bottleneck is that you can look at us like a Virtual HR Support team. We are happy to work with you.

What is the 'Golden Goose Theory'?

Often, when a Dedicated Distant Assistant is hired, people assume they will be able to answer their phones, manage their calendar and e-mails, build websites, do graphic design, etc. all at the same time. It is not possible for one human being to have the capability or skill set for every one of those tasks.

We specialize in hiring personal and executive assistants who are trained in project management. If you have tasks like new graphics for your page banner, they know the process to utilize our Integrated Services Program (ISP). ISP is included in your package when you hire a Dedicated Distant Assistant. This allows your personal assistant to focus on tasks they specialize in.

What is the Integrated Services Program (ISP)?

The Integrated Services Program, or ISP, is a program specific to Bottleneck.

One of the misconceptions of hiring a Dedicated Distant Assistant is thinking they will get someone who can do everything, and that's just not possible (See Golden Goose Theory). We train our executive and personal assistants in project management. With ISP, any project outside the scope of your DDA’s expertise can still be completed. Your DDA will task it to Bottleneck's internal team of specialists in web development, graphic design, or audio and video editing.

ISP is included in your subscription fee. Your allowable ISP hours is dependent upon whether you are full time or part time and your subscription cycle. For more information, reach out to info@bottleneck.online, or visit our [link] Integrated Services Program [/link]  page for a detailed explanation of our services.

What is Bottleneck's role after the hiring process is complete?

This is a question that is seldom asked, but is very important. Once you've successfully hired a Dedicated Distant Assistant, we handle all financial matters for services rendered, assist with attendance or work-related issues, provide ongoing training and support to our team as new technology or business-related concepts are implemented to ensure your DDA is growing with you. We also work with your DDA for any Integrated Services Program-related tasks.

If you want to raise or lower their hours, provide a bonus, or need additional ISP services beyond your allotted hours, this all goes through Bottleneck. We are your DDA’s HR team.